Saturday, April 24, 2010

Druidry: The Grove

Trees are very important to Druids - all trees and especially the oak. Druids love trees. Here are some neat things I know about trees.

  • Trees purify the air.
  • Trees give us shade.
  • Trees provide a home for birds and squirrels.
  • Trees let us climb them.
  • Trees are simply beautiful.
  • Trees can be incredibly old.
  • Trees are alive and full of energy. If you sit with your back against the trunk of a tree, you can feel the energy of the tree.
  • Trees heal.

Druids love to be outdoors and to hold rituals in groves. They encourage the planting of trees. Druidry is full of tree lore, but I don't know much tree lore myself.

Besides spending time with actual trees, Druids also encourage the creation of one's own inner sacred grove. This is a grove built in one's imagination, to which one can retreat at any time. The inner sacred grove of the imagination is a real grove. It's not physical, but it is real.

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